Roman amphitheatre, Tarragona

Roman amphitheatre, Tarragona

The most typical and well-known entertainment building from the Roman world is the amphitheater. Over 200 of them have been documented throughout the Empire, but few like this one, situated by the sea. Its location next to the Mediterranean makes its view the most iconic postcard of Tarragona.

The Roman Amphitheatre of Tarragona was built in the early 2nd century AD, with dimensions of 130 by 102 meters. It hosted a wide range of events, from theater performances to gladiator fights and animal hunts, as well as public executions, including those of the first Christian martyrs.

It was constructed on a steep slope near the sea, utilizing the natural stone gradient to carve out a section of seating, accommodating around 14,000 spectators. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that a basilica was built over the Roman structure in the 6th century, dedicated to the martyrs, and later in the 12th century, a Romanesque church was added.

The remains of the medieval church of Santa María del Milagro now stand upon a quarter of the ancient Roman arena. In reality, it is a 12th-century Romanesque church that conceals inside it the base of an ancient Visigothic basilica from the 6th century.

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